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DeFi Blockchain Applications Using TraderMade Data

23 April 2021

The world of data is evolving year on year, with more assets being created to meet the needs of customers from all over the world. A new market that has been established is the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Blockchain market, this new form of finance does work in the same way as the old traditional methods whereby intermediaries such as Banks, Brokers and Exchanges would match buyers and sellers. DeFi normally utilizes smart contracts on Blockchains and is disrupting the financial industry by transferring value to more complicated and convoluted use cases.


TraderMade is part of this disruptive process – with a rich history and a market-leader of Forex (FX) and other live and historical financial datasets, we have been promoting and supporting the next generation of applications within the DeFi world.


Recently we have onboarded more Blockchain networks so that increased numbers of businesses can use TraderMade data on DeFi platforms with most users using the data to verify on a wide range of assets, enabling people to borrow and lend funds, insure against risk plus also earn interest (similar to savings-like accounts).


DeFi evolves around Decentralized Applications (DApps). These DApps allow direct transactions between individuals which are interceded by smart contract programs and typically via the Ethereum Blockchain through a website. Although traditionally DeFi markets have used Cryptocurrencies as the preferred asset, there is more demand for using FX, Commodities, Precious Metals and Equity data within global players and opens up our data to be used to create synthetic Swaps, market predictions and tokenized precious metals as loan collateral.


 TraderMade data can now be seen on a host of Blockchain networks as a node provider, therefore, allowing developers from all over the world to keep creating and innovating more progressive DeFi applications. With over 1,700 FX pairs covered and dozens of Crypto, Commodities and Equity markets covered, alongside the numerous available API endpoints, we have every base covered for DeFi users.

Our experienced and customer-centric support team are here 24/7 to assist, the Development team are available via our Live Chat messenger service if you have any immediate questions to be answered.

Aligned with our cost-efficient and flexible pricing and terms structure, evolving data needs can be immediately met by TraderMade within the DeFi sector. Pricing starts from only £30 for 10,000 monthly requests via the REST API and from only £50 per month for the WebSocket feed. More information on our pricing structure can be found here  


We give 1,000 requests for free per month so you can fully test the Data and API, plus we also give you a free no-obligation 14 day trial of the live streaming WebSocket feed. To trial, today, register at this link