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Understand the meaning of stock indices and various aspects, like most common types, purposes, and the most popular stock indices



Learn more about Brent crude- the global oil benchmark, the global oil market, trading aspects, and why choose us as your CFD Market Data Partners.

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Push Vs Pull

23 March 2023

Push Vs. Pull Forex Data

Learn about Push and Pull forex data- meaning, differences, and practical use. Also, learn the importance of streaming forex API to get live forex rates.

8min Read
gold and silver prices

07 March 2023

How the Gold and Silver Prices Are Determined

Learn about factors determining gold and silver prices, precious metals market, fixing, spot prices, and why choose us for accurate gold and silver prices.

6min Read
Most Traded FX Pairs

14 February 2023

What Are The Most Traded Currency Pairs in Forex?

Explore the most traded currency pairs in forex. Understand the reasons behind their popularity, history, and fascinating facts about the forex market.

10min Read
currency conversion API

24 January 2023

How Our Currency Conversion API Makes Your Lives Easy

Explore more about currency conversion API meaning, importance, how to use it, and how it benefits developers and businesses that trade overseas.

7min Read
Forex Data API  Things You Didnt Know

03 January 2023

Forex Data API: Things You Didn’t Know

Explore some fascinating actualities about the forex API origin and its applications in blockchain technology and the forex market you might not know.

5min Read
cfd api

07 December 2022

What is CFD Data? Why Use CFD API?

This article takes you through the meaning of CFD and CFD API, its working, usage, advantages to businesses and how TraderMade helps you make the most of it.

10min Read
exchange rate api

30 November 2022

Explore How the Exchange Rate API Empowers Your Business

Learn more about adopting the best Exchange Rate API to execute forex data-driven projects smoothly and take your business growth to new heights.

9min Read
forex app

18 November 2022

How to Build Forex Trading App

Learn the process and technicalities of forex trading app development. Get reliable and accurate forex data and support to design a forex trading platform.

11min Read
backtesting sceen

19 October 2022

What is Backtesting in Forex

Our comprehensive guide covers the meaning, pros, cons, and process of backtesting forex.

7min Read

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