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Live Forex Rates

29 January 2024

In the high-octane world of Forex trading, every split second counts. Making decisions based on accurate, real-time data is the difference between seizing a golden opportunity and watching it slip through your fingers. That's where live forex rates come in – your essential weapon in this fast-paced financial battlefield.

So, what exactly are live forex rates? Why are they crucial for your trading and business success? And how can you be sure you're getting the freshest, most reliable data available?

What Are Live Forex Rates

Forex exchange rates live - represent the current market value of one currency against another, constantly fluctuating based on supply, demand, and global economic forces. 

For instance, many fintech companies develop applications and websites that display live Forex rates for various currency pairs. Similarly, converting one currency to another using a currency converter - based on real-time exchange rates, is another real-life example.

What Are Live Streaming Rates

Live streaming rate is a  constantly updated snapshot of how much one currency is worth in another. Notably, the Forex rates live streaming is the price set by the global market, not just banks, for swapping currencies right now. 

Live streaming rates offer a crystal-clear view of currency fluctuations as they happen. Forex live streaming rates collate and push all rates every millisecond. Quality Forex data providers curate and pass on the real-time or live Forex rates with almost no delay (5 to 10 milliseconds).

What Are Live Bid And Ask Rates

Bid and Ask are the Dynamic Duo in the exchange rates. Every live forex rate consists of two prices: 

  • The bid price, at which someone is willing to buy a currency, and 
  • The ask price, at which someone is willing to sell. 

Understanding this spread is crucial for calculating your potential profit or loss.

Let’s understand through a simple example:

  "endpoint": "live",
  "quotes": [
      "ask": 0.85534,
      "base_currency": "EUR",
      "bid": 0.85532,
      "mid": 0.85533,
      "quote_currency": "GBP"
  "requested_time": "Tue, 23 Jan 2024 12:03:21 GMT",
  "timestamp": 1706011401

You can see live rates for the EURGBP pair at a given time above. As a market participant, you can sell a Euro at the bid rate i.e. £0.85532, and buy a Euro at the ask rate i.e. £0.85534. The difference between the bid and ask rate (£0.00002 in this case) is known as the bid-ask spread.

How To Get Live Forex Rates

Accessing Your Live Feed

Gone are the days of clunky software and endless market searches. At TraderMade, we offer a dedicated Live Forex Rates Page right on our website, providing instant access to real-time data for all major currency pairs. So, we bring live FX rates to your fingertips!

Power Up Your Queries

Need specific rates or want to track historical trends? Our Query Generator makes it a breeze. Simply input your desired currencies and timeframe, and voila! You get a ready-to-use string to query the API. You can use the Request URL to run your programs and apps.

Beyond the Clicks

For developers, tech-savvy analysts, and traders, we offer programmatic retrieval of live currency rates through our robust API. Integrate seamless data feeds into your own trading tools and algorithms. Please refer to our tutorials section for step-by-step guides on retrieving historical and live FX rates with popular programming languages.

It is crucial to understand the data delivery mechanisms for live FX rates. You can obtain live rates via REST API or a data feed or stream in CSV or JSON formats, according to your needs. Let’s briefly understand these data delivery techniques:

Streaming data: Offers a continuous flow of the latest updates, ideal for powering quote boards, quoting engines, and high-frequency trading environments where millisecond-level granularity is essential.

REST APIs: Provide live data upon request, offering a snapshot of the market at the time of the query. REST APIs are suitable for ad-hoc rate checking, historical analysis, and situations where frequent updates aren't critical.

Navigating the Dynamics of Market Data Delivery

Understanding the nuances of market data delivery options is crucial for efficient information access and trading execution. This document clarifies the distinctions between common methodologies – REST APIs, streaming solutions, and data downloads – to empower informed decision-making.

Streaming Rates vs. Live Tick Data Download 

Downloading live tick data provides historical records alongside current values, similar to REST APIs. However, the data downloaded remains static; subsequent updates require further downloads. This approach is cost-effective and sufficient when instant access isn't paramount. 

However, instant access to continuous flow of market data is crucial for trading platforms and tools. Tick-by-tick data brings every single price change at the smallest increment to the table. By integrating live streaming data into trading apps and tools, high-frequency trading strategies and algorithmic trading can be executed accurately.

Choosing the Optimal Solution

Selecting the most appropriate method depends on your specific needs:

For constant real-time updates: WebSockets and streaming solutions are the industry standard.

For occasional rate checks or historical analysis: REST APIs offer a convenient and cost-effective option.

For historical analysis with occasional updates: Downloading tick data in intervals (e.g., every few minutes) provides a balance between cost and timeliness.

In a nutshell: Querying rates will still provide live rates. Yet they will be live at the time of request. That’s why requesting bid-ask FX rates using REST API is also called Live. You can obtain live FX rates via REST if you don’t need sub-second rates. Please note that in the case of REST API, new rates are provided only when the user requests.

Hence, if you need ad hoc up to the second or minute rates, REST is good enough. However, if you need constant updates to the power quotes board, quoting engine, or a millisecond view of the market - WebSockets and streaming solutions are the norm.

TraderMade’s blazing-fast, interbank-sourced live FX rates aid your apps and digital products as you can provide accurate and instant delivery to help your clients. Our live Forex rates improve the user experience of your solutions.

The Bottom Line

Don't get caught off guard by outdated data. Rely on TraderMade to get unbiased, low-latency live Forex price feed. Remember, accurate live forex rates are your most valuable asset in the world of fintech and digital solution development.