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New and Improved Resources for Developers

15 April 2024

Modern-day developers engaged in developing phenomenal financial applications and websites for the future seek excellent resources to speed up their development process and resolve their data implementation-related technical queries.

This article takes you through the new and improved resources we offer to developers to simplify their work: 

Data Documentation 

Our data documentation has been a reference guide, explaining the structure and format of the data (API endpoints, data types, refresh frequency). Our single-page data documentation for REST API and WebSockets declutters the complexity of getting started with our reliable market data. We help you enrich your apps through well-placed code samples, thoroughly explained API endpoints and simple-to-follow documentation with a menu on your left.

Our doc page allows developers to understand the data delivery specifications and plan their development process accordingly.

Technical Tutorials

Technical tutorials then provide step-by-step instructions on accessing this data through our platform. They cover authentication methods, available APIs, code examples, and data documentation. Initially, we had covered technical tutorials for beginners, mainly emphasizing fetching our market data via our REST API and WebSockets.

We have been trying to cover tutorials for popular programming languages like Python, PHP, C#, Javascript, Go, and more. We aim to facilitate developers' data implementation tasks by providing a practical guide. 

We have been improving the coverage of our technical tutorials, keeping intermediate developers in mind, as we presently cover implementation methods beyond fetching our data and practically integrating them into innovative apps and financial solutions.

Video Tutorials

Developers get in-detailed steps along with an embedded YouTube video tutorial as a complementary learning resource to upskill and enhance technical know-how. Our YouTube Technical Tutorials are in an approachable and engaging learning format, both for beginners and seasoned developers. 

Query Generator

As developers, you must be aware of how crucial it is to build an accurate query URL. Developers may need help if query URLs contain errors or if any placement of desired currency pairs or time frames needs to be corrected. 

We have recently launched a useful Query Generator to help you format your query to fetch Forex data quickly and efficiently. Our Query Generator allows developers to build the API Query URL structure for desired currency pairs and timeframes in almost no time!

Please explore this tutorial to understand how to use our Query Generator

Excellent Tech Support for Implementation

Market data API is the lifeblood of many financial applications, but integrating an API can be a complex task for developers. Our experienced and friendly technical support team tries to resolve your implementation hurdles and other technical queries within minutes, not hours!

Our stellar technical support goes beyond debugging code and helps developers unlock the full potential of reliable and accurate market data we deliver. We try to suggest efficient data fetching techniques and optimize developers' code for performance. 

Our technical support team is trained to minimize downtime and maximize development productivity. With technical expertise, proactive communication, easy accessibility through live chat support and email (, and responsiveness, our technical support team delivers its best to empower developers.

As a crucial improvement, we are adding technical tutorials that our clients frequently ask during their support conversations. For instance, our latest C++ WebSocket Client tutorial was prepared and added after our support team received a request for it. That way, we deliver what our esteemed customers need and help them get the much-needed guides in one place.

Regular Updates Through Well-Designed E-mailers

We notify you about new tutorial videos and updates specifically designed for developers to save them time. By subscribing, you'll gain the knowledge and resources needed to seamlessly integrate valuable market data into your applications, taking your development skills to the next level.

The Bottom Line

TraderMade takes pride in assisting developers in accelerating their development process to bring dream fintech projects to life. Choosing us as your market data partners will allow you access and leverage various enhanced resources built to empower the developer community. We are on our way to building and introducing more such rich resources for developers shortly so that developers using our market data will have all they need handy.