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How To Get Live Crypto Prices

11 April 2022

There is an abundance of resources offering Cryptocurrencies data. That also means too many choices, leading to confusion and chaos. To add to this, a resource that exists today could disappear tomorrow without any forewarning. With this in mind, we decided to add Crypto data to our offering. In our view, our robust infrastructure and accurate Forex rates can provide the reliability and accuracy Crypto data market needs. 

We have added live data for over 50 Cryptocurrencies, making up some 4200+ Crypto pairs. What makes it unique is that you can get live rates for Bitcoin against U.S. Dollar (USD) or even the South African Rand (ZAR). You can see the full list of codes we cover by visiting our instrument list page. Now that you know what we cover, the next question is how we get the live prices. We have tried to make our data as accessible as possible, which means there are many ways to access it. We list four main ways we provide our data: via Excel, REST API, Websocket and Google Sheet. We will cover this in more detail next:

How to get live Crypto prices in Excel?

Getting live Cryptocurrency data in Excel is very easy: you have to install our Add-in and then request from among the crypto symbols we offer. You can read the full excel tutorial to get started. Another alternative is to request forex data in Excel using our power query tutorial - this is for people who might already be familiar with Power Query or may want more flexibility in their requests. Both our Excel Addin and Power Query option allow requesting historical data.

How to get live Crypto prices in Google Sheets?

We offer a simple guide to get you started with Google sheets: visit our GS home page and follow the four simple steps. You will be able to request live crypto data for up to 50 symbols without any issue. The Forex and CFD data also come as standard. Up to 1000 requests, a month are free forever.

How to get live Crypto prices using RESTful API?

If you are more technical and would like to request live crypto rates via an API, look no further. We have tons of documentation and tutorials to get you started in any language. Python and R languages are some of the most sort after and you can see our tutorials page to get started. We have a Python SDK that lets you get data in just three lines of code. If you don't prefer these languages, don't worry, we provide tutorials and documentation for Golang, C#, Java and many more.

How to get live Crypto prices using Websockets?

If you are among the club that would like live-streaming crypto data, then we have also got you covered. We provide all the Crypto symbols via Websocket. You can get a 14 days Free Trial by signing up for our API. The Websocket is operational on weekends and provides a constant stream of crypto data whenever a new quote comes in.

We provide custom solutions, and you can build on our infrastructure and concentrate on your core business. Whether a start-up or an enterprise, we accommodate both. If the above solutions don't meet your needs, don't hesitate to contact us.